Our Mission

Do not throw away your electronic waste!   

Eco Solution has advantageous and innovative solutions for refurbishing factories, repair insurance societies, spare parts factories, and repairing centers

Eco Solution makes all his possible to provide services which meet all your needs in quality, quantity, productivity and environment thanks to our refurbishing, supply and buyback services.

We offer a second life to your electronic products by recycling them. We recycle your phones and screen of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, etc. As well as the batteries and frames. We supply with the quality, the volume of spare parts you require at affordable prices. We also provide with a subcontracting service for tests, personalized packaging and the whole refurbishing process. 

Because, quality and control are fundamental our experts examine cautiously each part to guarantee the reliability of our spare parts. All our products are guaranteed. Our operational after-sales service will make sure that you have all the requested products at your disposal.

Increase your margin on repairing by selling your broken screens. All you have to do is send us your spare parts, so we can determine their maximum value. After the test you will immediately receive your report so as your money by the means you selected.

This is 100 % beneficial, not only you earn money by sending your broken screens, well-worn batteries, broken frames but you reduce the ecological imprint of electronic waste.